Services for Companies
Let us do the work for you without hiring someone full-time.

Contract Ad Manager: Do you need someone on an interim basis? Or perhaps you need someone in this position, but not full-time.

Contract Marketing Manager: Can’t find someone with a technical focus? Or maybe you want a combination marketing and advertising person?

Contract PR Manager: We’ll put together a complete plan of news releases, articles and editorial fairs. Don’t hire full-time!

Contract Media Department: Let us plan, negotiate and place trade journal ads and PR, just like an in-house agency.

Complete traditional ad agency services
Choose only those services you need. Or let us do the planning alone, or the implementation alone. Remember, we are experts at the process of capturing market share for you.

We can combine any of these agency, in-house or contract functions for far less money that hiring a traditional agency or making multiple hires. More important, we are results driven and have the numbers to prove it.

Let us function as your ad agency, your marketing manager, and your advertising manager! Pick one or all three!

• Change management communications
• Communications audits
• Communications planning
• Competitive Intelligence
• Direct mail
• Directory ad programs
• Domestic media planning
• Interactive CD-ROM
• Internal communications
• International media planning
• Internet programs
• Literature planning
• Marketing planning
• New product launches
• News releases and journal articles
• PR
• Writing: technical, promotional, educational

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