Company Overview

1. Who we are
2. What we do
3. Our clients
4. What we’ve done


Who we are
We specialize in industrial and high tech marketing, communications, writing, PR, media and advertising services for:
• Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
• Companies who provide goods and services to the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) functions
• Any company involved in business-to-business products, components or services
• Advertising and PR agencies that handle these types of accounts
• Government agencies


What we do
• Account work
• Animated mailers and video clips
• Business plans
• Communications plans
• Concept and creation of trade journal ads, from fractional pages to multi-page inserts.
• Direct mail campaigns, both print and electronic
• Illustration
• Inquiry management
• Marketing plans
• Media planning, placement and tracking of advertising programs in the trade press.
• News release and journal article plans and schedules
• Sales collateral, data sheets, flyers, brochures and white papers
• Tradeshow coordination
• Website development
• Writing: technical, promotional, educational


Our Clients
We’re experts at creating and implementing industrial marketing and communications. With your knowledge of your industry, coupled with our process expertise, we work as a team to build client relationships, brand awareness, profitability and market share. Here are some of the people we’ve worked with:

3M Safety Training software, 3M Voice Mail software, West Group online legal, environmental, human resources, labor employment and estate planning software. Lead contract writer on the new West Group Online Store.

Onan, Rollerblade, Vollrath Stainless Steel

3M Data Storage, 3M Electrical Products, 3M Electronic Products, 3M Imaging Systems, Honeywell

E.W. Blanch, Merchant Gould, West Group

Food Service
General Mills

Control Data, Cybernetics Technology, FSI International, MCT, Norplex and Zetaco

Health Care/Personal Safety
3M Animal Care, 3M Health Care, 3M Medical Device, 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety, 3M Personal Safety Products, 3M Surgical, 3M Vision Care

3M Abrasive Systems, 3M Commercial Graphics, 3M Home and Commercial Care, 3M Industrial Tape and Specialties, 3M Information Technologies, 3M Printing Products, Crystal Tips, H.B. Fuller Company, KAPAK Corporation, Meier Tool and Engineering, North Star Steel, Onan, Sunds Defibrator, Toro, Wheelabrator, Zimpro

Material Handling
Dynamic Air, Tecnetics Industries

Power Transmission
Horton Industries, Horton Manufacturing

3M Interactive Systems, 3M Telecom Systems, Northern Telecom


What we’ve done (some proven client results)

Brand Awareness/Brand Management
• Increased awareness 48% in one market in twelve months.
• Increased company awareness in all markets 53% in six years.
• Saved $240,000 in legal searches by implementing a brand management program.
• Increased overall corporate favorability with brand management.

• Discovered acceptable price point four times higher than current pricing.
• Repositioned product to compete in a new $250MM market.
• Eliminated the need to establish new distribution network.
• Uncovered new niche with $20MM annual market potential.

• As 3M’s Ad Tracking Manager, we help 3M’s 14 agencies-of-record negotiate the lowest rates while maximizing merchandising credits.
• Saved one client over $50,000 by eliminating poor media buys.
• Saved another client more than $12,000 per year on a corporate directory buy that quadrupled impressions to an audience with twice the number of prospects.
• Saved more than $35,000 on an inquiry producing campaign that generated three times the number of prospects expected.
• Negotiated media packages and combination rates up to 50% off published rates.

Inquiry Management/Direct Mail
• Improved inquiry count by 300%.
• Improved inquiry conversion to sale by 200%.
• Closed inquiry feedback loop from the field.
• Reduced fulfillment time from 3 weeks to 48 hours.
• Generated a 43% response to a direct mail piece with 1% requesting a sales call.

PR/Trade Shows
• 90% article placement track record.
• 75% news release placement in the top ten publications.
• Improved tradeshow booth traffic.
• Lowered overall tradeshow costs.

Collateral/Brochures/Data Sheets
• Saved over $100,000 in unproductive sales literature.
• Reduced literature inventory and mailing costs by 18% per year.

Numerous Awards
• “Most actions taken” by buyers.
• Highest “remembered noticing” ad scores.
• Largest one-year gain in brand awareness.
• Most inquiries produced in ad category

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