White Papers and News

All of the White Papers are in PDF format, so you will need to have a a PDF reader. If you don't have a copy of the PDF reader or if yours is too old to read the White Papers, then click on the Adobe Acrobat button below to get the latest reader (free).

"The Need to Advertise" by Jan M. Peterson The Need to Advertise.pdf
"Create and publish a whole year of news releases and articles."  

PR Schedule.pdf


"Use informative white papers to attract buyers to your website."   White Papers .pdf

Case Study #1: Integrating campaigns  
Case Study #2: B2B Media Planning and Placement   Case Study 2.pdf
Case Study #3: Media Planning and Placement   Case Study 3.pdf
Case Study #4: Smaller Media Plans  

Case Study 4.pdf

Case Study #5: Smaller PR Campaign  

Case Study 5.pdf

Case Study #6: SEO  

Case Study 6.pdf



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